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angelegt von Stephan Augustin - 27.06.2013
zuletzt bearbeitet von Philipp Häfele - 26.08.2014

FS#1704 - Editing Values/Names in DDFCreator


for me, its almost impossible to edit the Channel Names and Values, because the TextField is opened *somewhere* at the List and when i press enter, the Value is entered in one of the lines, but not the line i have clicked into.

DMXCV2, Win7 Ultimate 64 bit

Stephan Augustin schrieb am 28.06.2013 00:44

it's the same problem in v2.2

Philipp Häfele schrieb am 28.06.2013 09:16


I tested it with Win 7 64bit and it works there.

To edit a value do following things:

- double left click in the item you want to edit
→ a textbox is opened in this field (left top corner in middle of this field)
- now enter your value
- click somewhere else in the window or press enter

In version 1.1 there was an issue with the scrollbar. So you just could edit the first shown channels.

Did you try it as mentioned above?

If yes could you please make an short video or an picture with markings in which field you have clicked and where the text has been entered!



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